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A news story recently ran about a woman who went without heat for two weeks despite notifying her landlord.  This is a far too common occurrence for people who rent and most people do not know their rights.  We have met with countless clients who have put up with way too much before coming to see us when they could have enforced their rights from the beginning.

Landlords must provide essential services under Nevada Law.  NRS 118A.380 Mandates that a Landlord provide heat, air-conditioning, running water, hot water, electricity, gas, a functioning door lock or other essential items or services. If they fail to do so or fail to make reasonable efforts to do so within 48 hours after the tenant notifies the landlord in writing, the tenant can exercise their rights under the statute.  That may include withholding rent, moving out, or possibly seek other damages.  You must keep in mind that this statute has strict timing and notification requirements that need to be followed.  Failing to do so could put you in violation of the statute as well.

If you or someone you know is being denied their rights as tenants, or have other landlord related issues, contact Thunder Law today at 702.706.3323