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Two DUIs Over the Weekend Have Devastating Effects

DUIs continue to have a significant impact on the Las Vegas valley.  This weekend, two alleged DUI accidents resulted in serious and fatal injuries.  As a result, these families are now faced with the loss of a loved one, permanent injuries, and significant medical bills.  While the at fault driver’s insurance may cover the bills, the state minimum insurance coverage is only $15,000.  Often times people also fail to have any medical payments coverage or sufficient under insured motorist coverage.  Therefore, it is possible that these families that are dealing with grief and sorrow, are also going to be facing debt because someone else decided to get behind the wheel while impaired.  It is important to understand these coverages when trying to be reimbursed for the medical bills and pain and suffering caused by another driver.

If you or a loved one were hurt in an accident caused by a driver that was under the influence, call Thunder Law at 702.706.3323.