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We often get asked by potential clients, why they even need an attorney when trying to negotiate their claims with an insurance adjuster.  This post is a prime example of why.

The link details the lengths that the insurance companies will go to in order to pay you as little as possible for your injuries.  The scenario is far too common, the client is injured and seeks compensation for those injuries.  The opposing insurance company hires a physician to conduct an Independent Medical Examination (IME).  An IME is performed by a physician hired by the opposing insurance company where the physician reviews your records, does a brief physical examination, and asks you questions in an attempt to determine whether or not you are hurt.  The insurance companies pay a lot of money for these exams, and if they like the physician, they use the physician as often as possible.  Unfortunately, these fees and the promise of future fees can cloud the IME physician’s judgement.  In this case, the physician did an IME and it happened to be recorded.  In the physician’s report and in sworn deposition testimony, the physician claimed that the injured party made statements that he was no longer hurt and the insurance company used those statements against him.  According to the Michigan attorney and the injured party, the recording proves that those statements were never made.  The Michigan attorney pointed these false claims out and instead of admitting that the statements were falsified, the physician is now trying to have the Michigan attorney’s license taken away.

We wish we could say that these facts are a rarity, but they are not.  In addition to the tactics above, Insurance adjusters use a lot of other deplorable strategies that we see far too often.  That is why you need an attorney that is familiar with the games that insurance companies utilize to take advantage of unsuspecting accident victims.  If you would like a free consultation, call Thunder Law now at 702-706-3323.