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Legal Definitions to Know — Divorce Hearings

Divorce is emotionally draining enough without the legal wrangling that often comes with the dissolution of marriage. We understand this because Thunder Law has been helping families reestablish themselves after the trauma of divorce for many years.

Part of the stress that comes with divorcing a spouse comes from not understanding the complicated legal process that comes with divorce. During the process, you will hear a lot of terms that might be new to you.  Understanding some of these legal terms that are used in divorce in Nevada can help you make sure that you protect yourself.

Common Legal Terms – Divorce in Las Vegas

The first term to understand is “no-fault,” which simply means you can file for divorce in Las Vegas without defining why you’re seeking the dissolution of your marriage. Being incompatible is enough to grant a divorce.

Next, you’ve heard the terms “plaintiff” and “defendant.” In a divorce preceding the plaintiff is the person filing for divorce and the defendant is the one being petitioned for divorce.

Here are some other common words you’ll hear as part of your divorce hearing in Nevada:

  • Summons and Compliant is the document that the plaintiff must file with the courts to start the divorce proceedings.
  • Answer and Counterclaim is the second part of the divorce process. When the plaintiff serves the defendant with the Summons and Complaint, they have 20 days to respond in writing. Their reply is the “Answer.” There may also be a “Counterclaim” which is the defendant’s position on the division of property, assets, and custody.
  • Alimony, or spousal support, means that one of the partners in the marriage will provide financial support to the other partner as part of the terms of the divorce.
  • Alimony is separate from child support, which is a monthly stipend from the other spouse to provide basic necessities of raising children.  It is also important to understand that child support can be ordered when one spouse has primary physical custody of children, or in a joint physical custody situation.
  • Rehabilitative alimony occurs when a judge orders that one spouse pay for classes or other training to help the other spouse get a job or improve their skills so they can earn enough money to live on their own.
  • A Joint Preliminary Injunction can be granted for either spouse if they feel they need to stop the other person from taking retaliatory action such as taking the children out of state or incurring big debts while the divorce is proceeding.
  • Community Debt is any debt that was acquired by two people during a marriage. These debts are divided up as part of the divorce.

Las Vegas Divorce Attorney – Thunder Law

In addition to personal injury cases, Thunder Law helps plaintiffs obtain their Divorce Decree, which is the legal document that will dissolve your marriage. We have extensive experience with the Family Court system and can help you understand the complexities of the legal process.

Thunder Law offers experienced, compassionate attorneys who can help you survive the difficult weeks and months that come with a divorce in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please call us. We can help.