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We are Tyler M. Crawford, Esq. and Kerry J. Doyle, Esq., and we are the founders of Thunder Law, which is a premier law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. As attorneys, we understand the value of higher education, and this is why we have decided to give back to the Southern Nevada communities that have given so much to us by offering bi-yearly scholarships to those in need. We understand very well how costly school can be and how difficult it is for students from many families to succeed academically when they may already be struggling to make ends meet in other areas.

With so many expenses involved, it is no wonder many promising and bright young individuals may believe that a law school education is out of their reach. There are many factors to consider, such as books, housing, tuition, and supplies. When these are combined the costs can quickly rise into the thousands and even tens of thousands. We are proud to be able to help so many deserving young people to offset these costs so that they can pursue the higher education they have earned by offering a bi-yearly scholarship to students and aspiring learners who are either currently attending college or grad school, or who would like to do so in the near future.


If you’d like to apply, you will need to submit an essay of a thousand words or more on the following topic:

“How did your passion for law begin, and how do you see the law in the US changing in the future?”

We will choose five finalists from the pool of applicants and then post their essays on our blog and our social media accounts.


It will be your responsibility to promote your entry online. We encourage you to get your friends, family members, and your followers involved, but be forewarned—any applicants who buy “likes” or “shares” will be subject to immediate disqualification. We will choose the winner based on the social media buzz that their essays generate, and the finalist with the most likes on their essay page will be named the winner.

You must currently be enrolled in college or actively applying to an undergrad, graduate, or professional program if you’d like to be considered for this scholarship.


Please follow these guidelines carefully:

Essays must be received by November 1, 2017

Applications will be accepted in Microsoft Word only, so please do not include PDFs, Google docs, or any other formats.

Make sure to include your name, address and telephone number.

Don’t forget to include a link to your Facebook profile, because we’ll need to confirm your identity.

Please include information about the school you are currently attending or plan to attend in the future.

Leave out any other details—there will be a lot of competition for this incredible opportunity, so we’d like to keep it as simple as possible.

We are excited to read your submissions and to see what you come up with! If you have any further questions, please contact us at 702.706.3323 to learn more.