Debt Collector’s Actions Lead to a Hefty Verdict

A Texas woman was recently awarded a hefty sum of money after receiving calls from a cable company that was trying to collect a debt owed by another person.  Even after the woman informed them that they had the wrong number, they continued to call.

Federal and State law make it illegal for a company attempting to collect a debt to contact you via telephone without your consent, or even if you have previously consented, after you have notified them in writing that you do not wish to be contacted by telephone.  This is true even if it is someone else’s debt, and they are calling you because they have a wrong number.  The law also prohibits the debt collectors from using threatening or harassing techniques to attempt to collect the debt.

If you or someone you know feels that they have been a victim of such actions, please call Thunder Law today at 702-706-3323.

To read more about this case, please click the link below.

Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/07/07/…

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